To each and every one of us
There comes a time in life,
When it is time to move on
And let go of pain and strife.

A time when we must stop and look
And face the things we find,
Even though our hearts are sore
And we have a troubled mind.

Itís time to step out from shadows
And stand in the sun once more.
Itís time to clear out pain and sorrow
And step through memoryís door.

Itís time to recall the good times
When life and love was new.
A time to remember and to laugh
At the things we used to do.

A time to clearly think and recall
How life itself is changed,
A time to view with happiness
The things that have been rearranged.

There is no turning back
Or cancelling things weíve done,
But as time moves on my friend
Weíll see a battle won.

It is a time of memory sweet
When days were all aglow ~
But they have changed and now
Itís time to let the balloon go.

Linda J. Vaughan

September 2008

Music on this page is "Up Up and Away in my beautiful balloon."