Looking back upon my life
And on the things I've seen,
The Balloon Seller has always been there
Wherever I have been.

She seems to call to me by name
And draw me within her spell,
Such a very familiar figure
That I recall so very well.

A Royal Doulton Collectors item
Far from my small grasp,
Yet whenever I see this figurine
It almost makes me gasp.

I have seen her on shelves
And in showcases clear,
I've wondered about the character
And the personality there.

I wonder who she was
And what her story to tell,
She who posed for the artist
And did so very well.

Selling balloons to supplement
An income far too small,
Sitting in cold and rain and wind
For money to feed them all.

Her face seems lined with worry
And there seems no time to smile,
Her hands are showing signs of age,
As she sits there all the time.

This figurine is so familiar to me
But it came as a great surprise,
That often I must have seen one
Through a little child's eyes.

Apparently she sat on a Welsh Dresser
In my Great Grandparent's home,
I was but a tiny child
How could I have known?

So now I realize why she calls to me ~
She is part of my childhood ways,
One day I may own such a figurine
Which will bring joy to my days.

Linda J. Vaughan
16thn. March 2008