Morning mist upon the water
Of a clear and quiet sea,
Endless clear horizons
As far as I can see.

Walking by the waters edge,
Salt sea spray on my face,
Sand between my wriggling toes,
I know no better place.

The lapping of the water,
A sea birdís shrill call,
Boats bobbing on the ocean
The eternal tideís rise and fall.

A crab in a rock pool.
Seaweed on the shore,
Rainbow colours of sunset
I could not ask for more.

The smile upon your tender face
As you walk upon the sand,
The thrill and wonder I feel
As you reach out for my hand.

The healing cleansing water,
The joy I feel inside,
Walking by the waters edge
Brings joy I cannot hide.

© Linda J. Vaughan
March 3rd. 2008