Can it really be a year
Since I shared the tears,
Are you really one year old,
How quickly fly the years?

Little man you have brought
Such great joy and love,
Each day I count my blessings
And thank the heavens above.

I have seen the photographs
Of every stage you have been through
I have seen your friends and you at play
And I cried with Grandma too.

You are very loved and cherished
All around the world,
It is hard to remember those tiny hands
And the little fingers that curled.

Now you have teeth and play in the park,
And I hear that you have learned to walk,
That you can say Da Da and wave goodbye
And it won’t be long before you can talk.

You are a member of the “Jet Set”
And have travelled far,
And always there is Mommy ~
You are her shining star.

Your Daddy has travelled far
And misses you every day,
We are hoping he will be home soon,
And never go away.

You are a Military Man’s son
And must be strong indeed,
Taking care of Mommy,
Meeting her every need.

But you are a little boy
With lots of life to learn ~
Avery Ryan we love you
And a peaceful life we yearn.

Your Grandma misses you
And awaits your coming home,
She loves you very much
And doesn’t want you to roam.

Your whole family in America
Loves and cares for you
And each awaits the special day
When you come home too.

You are growing very fast
And life is changing too –
But it is important to us
To say "Happy Birthday" to you.

Happy Birthday Avery Ryan
May life be good to you,
May you know the depth of our care
And how very much we love you.

Happy First Birthday Little Man,

11th. May 2007

© Linda J. Vaughan ~ "Your Aussie Grandma"

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