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Bedtime Stories

“Please read me a bedtime story” –
"Then jump into your bed",
How well I remember
The little things they said.

A favourite book, often read,
A much loved story true,
These were very cherished times,
The story times with you.

Your favourite books
Which we knew by heart,
“Mum don’t miss a page –
Go back to the very start.”

“Sam the Firehouse Cat”,
“Marcella and the kittens”,
‘Ten Apples up on Top,”
A book about the mittens,

“Little Monster goes to School”,
“I wish that I had Duck Feet”,
Dogs, cats, seagulls and others
Were the friends that we would meet.

“You missed a page” I’d hear you say,
Oh yes I tried to hurry !
You were having none of this,
We couldn’t rush or scurry.

“A Fly Went By”, Dogger and “John Brown”
Such were the stories we would share,
They were very special days,
When together we would care.

Familiar words stir memory
And bring back times so sweet,
I know that you remember these times ~
“And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street.”

You have grown and made your way
But story time lives with me
Those special times and sleepy ways
When your closing eyes I’d see.

I would watch you as you slept
And pray for a journey fair,
I gave you roots to anchor you
And wings that you may soar.

They were very special times for me
And memory is kind
I open the door of my heart
And sweet are the things I find.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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