It is the time of year once more
To decorate everywhere
And so I take the boxes down
And unpack the trinkets with care.

These are packed away with love
In tissue and boxes bright,
They have their time of glory
On special Christmas nights.

Some go back to childhood days
When I held a newborn in my arms,
And I was totally captivated
By her baby charms.

My family grew and more were added
To the tree each passing year,
These became my treasures
And I hold them all so dear.

There's a bright shiny angel
With gossamer wings,
A little toy soldier ~
What joy he brings.

Some that the children made
And hung with very great pride,
There are Santas and reindeer
To hang side by side.

Bells tied with a red velvet bow,
A toy train and holly wreath,
Some too big to hang
So they stand underneath.

Baubles of all shapes and sizes
In colours of every hue,
Tinsel and lights and candy canes,
A pinecone with a bird of blue.

A silver teddy bear, a toy drum,
A trumpet for my daughter,
Penquins and koalas
So many bring me laughter.

Those with our names
Are hung with pride,
And there's a tinge of sadness
Which I cannot hide.

Sadness for those no longer here
Whose journey now is done,
They are not forgotten,
Although their battle is won.

When the tree is decorated
And the lights have been turned on,
I shall sit and contemplate
The year and all we've done.

I'll think of friends no longer here,
And family members too,
I'll sit among my treasures
And I will think of you.

My friends are my treasures
And I know their path at times is steep,
I shall hold them very close
Until its time to sleep.

I shall wrap them in my thoughts
And hold them as close as can be,
This time of Christmas Treasures
Is very special to me.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007


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