The lights don't shine as brightly
Now that you are no longer here,
There have been some dark days
All through this lonely year.
The Christmas music doesn't stir me
The way it used to do,
Each Christmas song and carol
Only reminds me of you.

I will put up the tree and the lights
And hang the wreath on the door,
Decorate with the garlands you know
And wish for so much more.
I know you wouldn't want it
For sadness to be my friend,
But is somehow seems more poignant
At Christmas and the years end.

The Christmas candles will flicker
With a tiny and fragile flame.
The table will be set with pride,
But things are not the same.
There is an empty space
At my table and in my heart,
But I am very glad that of my life
You have been a part.

I will go on with Christmas and my life
Remembering you as you were,
We will celebrate with pride and love,
And remember your special care.
So at this special season
We will go on just as before,
Placing the things that trouble us
Behind our memory door.

We will recall the laughter we shared
And the funny things you did,
We will remember the love you showed
And the joy you never hid.
Special memories of special times
Will always remain with me
As I hang your favourite decoration
Upon my Christmas tree.

Linda J. Vaughan

November 2008