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"Summer's Last Rose"

I picked the last rose of summer this morning
From a garden parched and dry.
I saw a rainbow this morning
And heard the seabirds cry.
The wind was cold this morning
Over a pewter coloured sea
I sat by the water’s edge this morning
And some peace it brought to me.
The sky was filled with gulls
And the chilly wind whipped the sand
Seaweed, shells and starfish
Loved ones holding hands.
Early morning adventurers
Jogging at the start of the day
A cheery hello between friends
And then they were on their way.
I observed Nature’s canvas this morning
And the things she was painting for me.
I quietly contemplated this morning
As I sat by the steel grey sea.
There was beauty there this morning
And it brought me some release
My heart was somewhat lighter this morning
As I accepted the gift of peace.
© Linda J. Vaughan
23rd. April 2004

Art by Alan Giana
Luvdalot Graphics & Design

~Music by~
Bruce Deboer
"By The Sea"
Copyright © 2004
Used with his permission.