I have looked around me
And watched the Mothers of today,
Remembered days now long gone
When I was just that way.

An energetic younger woman
With laughter in my voice,
Those funny little children days
Would make my heart rejoice.

I still rejoice in Motherhood
And the friendship that it brings.
Watching the young women that I bore
Makes my heart soar on eagle's wings.

And yet somewhere in my heart
There is a sadness if I glance,
Thinking of those I know
Who never had the chance.

No son or daughter entrusted to them
And hearts that are broken and sore,
And other friends to whom no-one listened
And who had to give up the child they bore.

Those whose lives were made complete
And the hearts that sang again,
Because another gave them a child
Which took away their pain.

I think of the Grandmas who care
For children when Mother is at work,
Who spend their autumn days in care,
And would never ever shirk.

And so to all who do "Mother things"
With love and tenderness,
I have a very special admiration
And quietly say "Heaven Bless".

Linda J. Vaughan
April 6th. 2008