There are times when I am frightened
And my heart is very sore.
I want to live in peace
I despise the thought of war.

I want the world’s children
To live and play and breathe,
I want to see them growing up
To learn what they believe.

They are our greatest asset ~
A gift that’s born of love.
I want to see their adulthood ~
To see them tower above.

I want them to stand tall and proud
And live in peace and calm.
I want to watch them grow and live
Without the fear of harm.

I sense in them the feeling
Of pain and trembling fear ~
Please let me be there for them
To calm their every fear.

So when this fear is ended
And we can look above,
May we be seen to be
A Nation filled with love.

Please let the children of the World
Abide in safety and peace ~
Please give to them the feeling
Of calm and sweet release.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 2003

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"Jesus Loves the Little Children ~

All the children of the world."