~Music by~
Bruce Deboer
"Through My Eyes"
Copyright © 2004
Used with his permission.

“A Sister’s Journey”

They say life is a journey
One we all must make
It’s not the destination
But the steps that we take.

We travel the road of life
In the company of those we love
We are never truly alone
We are guided from above.

For some the road is rough and steep
With many a thorny briar.
For some it is never easy
And the path causes us to tire.

You have a special path to take
One that you alone must walk
All we can do is comfort you
Listen and be ready to talk.

There is pain and sickness
And your dignity is somehow lost.
We stand on the shore and watch
As your little boat is tossed.

We watch as you make your journey
Through days that are dark and drear
We are here and we are waiting
To take away your fear.

We are ready to talk with you
And to somehow ease your pain,
It is difficult to watch you
And our tears fall like rain.

So as you travel forward
On days that must seem long
. We watch and we admire you
And we know we must be strong.

We must help you through this journey
And meet you at the end,
For somehow the sun is shining
Just around the bend.

There are things that you should know
About our care and love
And how we wish for Angels
To watch you from above.

Take your journey and try to be strong
Have courage in all that you do
You are loved and very special
And we travel this journey with you

“Courage Sister
you do not walk alone
We shall walk with you
And sing your spirit home.” *

* These words inspired by Eric Bogle in his song
“Singing the Spirit Home”

© Linda J. Vaughan

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