In loving memory of my friend John

"A Perfumed Candle"

Your friendship was a candle
Which shone upon my way,
You showed your care for me
As I wandered through my day.

A light of tender wisdom
Which fluttered in the breeze,
The gentle glow of companionship
On spring days such as these.

The fragrance of your kindness
Perfumed my life it’s true,
Reminding me you were special
And that I could count on you.

The flame burned strong
And often guided me.
Surrounded by the fragrance
You were friend to me.

The time moved on
And the flame burned low,
My heart was sore ,
As I watched you go.

The candle now small
The warmth now gone
No more light from you…….
But the fragrance lingers on.

© Linda J. Vaughan
13th. September 2005
For John whose light went out
on 31st. August 2005



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~Music by~
Bruce Deboer
"By Candlelight"
Copyright © 2004
Used with his permission.