There's no need to say you're sorry
When pain is clouding your view,
Sometimes it is hard to go on
And we don't know what to do.

You have lots of things happening
Which take away your smile,
Your path is often very rough
As you walk your daily mile.

Your nature is a kind one
And happiness you seek,
Some love and quiet tenderness
When you are feeling weak.

Winter skies bring cold and gloom
And not many sunny days,
But when you are feeling very blue,
I miss your pleasant ways.

You are kind and generous
But you have been really hurt,
Tossed aside and spoken to
In words so very curt.

I know you want to sleep forever
And not have to face your life,
This will pass my friend
There will be an end to the strife.

You need to rest and restore,
Be strong and carry on,
Soon you will see this
As another battle won.

There's no need to say you're sorry
I really understand,
This is not what you wanted
Nor what indeed you planned,

So on your lifetime journey
As you travel through your life,
Keep your eye upon the hedgerow
And not the thorns beneath.

I will be here to support you,
And you really shouldn't worry,
For when real friends care,
There's no need to say you're sorry.

Linda J. Vaughan
30th. August 2008