Waves of tranquillity
Please wash over me
Hold me close
So that I may see
The peace and the calm
That you bring to my days,
Changing my life
In such special ways.

Waves of tranquillity
Let me drift on your tide,
Knowing at last
I am safe on your side.
Give me your peace
As I rest where I land
With trickling water
And grains of rough sand.

Waves of tranquillity
Anchor me fast
Shelter me safely
Until the storm is past.
Let me see clear skies;
Feel days without pain,
Let the comfort you give me
Always remain.

Waves of tranquillity
Let me travel with you,
Until the safe harbour
Comes into view.
Waves of tranquillity
A haven for me,
Carry me safe
Over life’s troubled sea.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 2007

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