It is one oíclock in the morning
And I should be in my bed,
But there are many different thoughts
Running through my head.
My Christmas tree lights are on
And Christmas music fills the air,
I really should be sleeping
Not sitting in this chair.

There is a calm and peace here
That I really want to last,
I am thinking of the children
And Christmases long past.
There are so many memories
Of days when excitement was high,
Of times when I rocked a cradle
And sang a lullaby.

I am thinking of my friends
And the joy their friendship brings
I am thinking of all my family
And lots of other things.
I am thinking of all the changes
That this year has brought to us all.
So many good and positive things
Itís really quite hard to recall.

So as I sit and count my blessings
I know I should grateful be
For all the special things I have
And the gifts bestowed upon me.
Now I am becoming sleepy
And shall be going off to bed
With warm and loving thoughts
And gratitude for the life Iíve led.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 21st. 2002