What I like about Christmas

I like all the tinsel
and tinkling bells,
the carols, the candles
and sweet cooking smells.

The tree with it's star
and flashing bright lights,
Carols by Candlelight
on warm summer nights.

Children bright eyed
who really can't sleep,
being sent back to bed
and told not to peep.

Christmas cards in my mail box
from friends I have made,
Reminding me of visits
and places I've stayed.

My family around me ~
A table fully spread.
That bitter sweet tiredness
When I crawl into bed.

The lights on my roof
and the wreath on my door,
Some sad reminder of loved ones
Who are with us no more.

Candy canes and the bustle
of a busy shopping mall
And so this is Christmas
and I love it all.

Linda J. Vaugham