Through The Mist




The Mists of Avalon

Oh to walk in Avalon
And see the Castle view.
To see the mists rising
And feel the morning dew.
To walk beside the River
And take you by the hand,
To feel the love and power
That lives within the land.

To feel the whisper of the wind,
And watch the falling snow,
To see the host of daffodils
And see the leaves that blow.
To feel the chill of winters breath,
To see the stars at night
To see the softness of your smile
And see your eyes so bright.

Oh to walk in Avalon,
To hear the music of the river,
To see the reeds stand in the water,
And watch them bend and quiver.
Walk with me in Avalon,
Let our days be sun kissed,
Take care upon your journey ~
Walk safely through the mists.

Linda J. Vaughan

November 2006


Forsaken Harbour Designs