My Friend.

I think of you so often
As the days drift into years,
I miss your tender comfort
And your easing of my fears.

Three years have passed
And I miss you still,
Your wit and your humour -
I guess I always will.

You listened to my fears
And calmed my anxious heart,
You brought laughter to my days,
Right from the very start.

You loved your city and your cricket
And your days were quite sublime,
And always I was pleased to say
That you were friend of mine.

I count the years we spent together
As cherished in my heart,
I found it very difficult
When we had to part.

I think of you so often
And want to share my news,
You valued me and my life
And respected all my views.

I hope that you rest easy
And calm and peace is yours,
You taught me very many things,
And opened many doors.

There is an empty space
And when August comes around
The pain and grief that I feel
Is really quite profound.

I really miss you John
And hold sweet thoughts of you,
Of your love and your friendship,
And the caring things you would do.

Goodnight Sweet Prince - rest in peace,
And in my heart you live on still,
Please know that you were loved,
And remember you I always will.

Linda J. Vaughan
28th. August 2008