Hello and Welcome,

Come on in, hang up your hat and make yourself at home.

In this section of "The Pages of Avalon" I want to share with you
some of the lovely pieces of literature which have been - and still are a special part of my life
and bring lovely memories to me.

They are pieces which seem to have always been in my life and I recall my late Father and I often reciting them together ~ I would start and he would come in with the next line or verse - and so we would go on.

Some of the pieces are lyrics from songs much loved by me, and others pieces I recited as a child - and memory is kind as they are still mine ~ and cherished.

I hope you enjoy them too ~ take some time out and find a quiet place and some time, refresh and restore.

Take some part of my journey with me and I hope you enjoy the company, the words and the sentiments.

Love and hugs


The Pages of Avalon

July 2006