My Memories

I often get to thinking
About the things that bring me pleasure,
The very special simple things
That I can really treasure.

They don’t cost lots of money
But they feed my very soul.
The sweet and tender little things
That make my spirit whole.

The smell of fresh brewed coffee
A walk in a shower of rain.
Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate
A field of ripened grain.

Autumn leaves beside the river
The beach in winter mist.
Fruit on heavy laden branches
Grapes on a vine sun kissed.

Food smells from my kitchen
A loaf of home made bread
A soft and downy pillow
Where I can lay my head.

Winter soups and stews
Tasty dips and sweet red wine.
Such very special things there are
And I am glad that they are mine.

Memories of my childhood ~
My Father features there.
A visit to a market place ~
His tender loving care.

Discussing and debating
Politics and such
I did this with my Father
And I miss him very much.

Children in a playground swinging
A baby in my arms.
A child asleep upon my lap
Filled with childhood charms.

Reading bedtime stories
To children in their beds,
Lights upon my Christmas tree
Soft and tousled little heads.

Daffodils in springtime
Warmth from the summer sun
Sandcastles and sea shells
Rest when my day is done.

A pale and creamy pink rose
Perfume fragrant and sweet.
A long hot bath at end of day
The warmth when friends I meet.

Friendships which transcend
Long distance and long time.
A glance across a crowded room
Which says “I’m glad that you are mine,”

A phone call from a daughter
Who just called to say “Hello”
Planting bulbs in autumn
And waiting for them to grow.

Candlelight and soft music
A special dinner for two.
Standing at the Airport ~
“Take Care for I will miss you.”

So when I count my blessings
These things feature well,
I feel that I am blessed indeed
I am sure that you can tell.

So go count your blessings
And see what you can find
I am sure that there are treasures
That you can bring to mind.

© Linda J. Vaughan

22nd. March 2005


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