There is a special kind of love
Not known by every one.
But experienced by only those
Who have granddaughter or grandson.
A special bond which holds the hearts,
No matter where they may be.
It gets over the highest mountain
And under the deepest sea.

There is an understanding
A special type of care,
From the hearts of Grandmothers
For Grandchildren everywhere.
The moon shines for only them
And so do the stars at night,
Can make everything alright.

If life means that they must part
For just a little while,
The thought of a special grandchild
Can bring a loving smile.
Distance may prevent
The touch of a Grandma’s hand
But nothing can stop a touch of hearts ~
No matter what the land.

So no matter where Grandma’s boy may be
He will know and feel your love,
He is your precious little boy
Sent from heaven above.
He will never be more than a heartbeat away
In a thought or a wish or a tear,
His loving parents will let him know
About his Grandma so dear.

Carry your little boy close in your heart and thought
Suzanne and he will feel the love.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

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