Christmas Cutie

You are my Christmas Cutie ~
My cutie all through the year,
You bring so many smiles my way
And take away my fear.

You bring me hope and happiness
As your laughter rings for me,
I see the magic in your eyes
And the joy that shines for me.

You are a special Angel
And loved beyond compare,
You bring me joy and happiness
And special times to share.

You are growing up too fast
And time moves on apace;
But there is happiness and joy
On your beautiful face.

And so at Christmas time my sweet ~
A time when hearts rejoice,
I am very happy to see you smile
And hear your little sweet voice.

You bring me love and laughter
And make memories to store,
Precious precious little girl,
I could not ask for more.

For Grace

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008

Christmas 2008
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