It’s that time of the year once more
When we hear tinkling bells,
When traders are filling shelves
And hoping that everything sells.

We are on the “countdown” to Christmas
Tinsel is sparkling and bells are ringing.
Letters to Santa, Christmas cards
And choirs are carol singing.

It seems to start much earlier
Than it ever did before.
Children are counting the “sleeps”
And School has become a bore.

Recipe books are being checked
Arrangements made and changed.
Everyone is so busy
Things have to be rearranged.

Yet there is still the magic,
The eyes that sparkle and gleam.
The hope and anticipation ~
A time “perchance to dream”

A time to answer questions ~
“Can reindeer really fly?”
“Does Santa really make a list?”
“Does Rudolph’s nose light the sky?”

Rustling paper and surprises,
Candles, glitter and trees.
Ribbons and sequins and shortbread
What better memories than these?

So before this Christmas Season
Really gets into full swing
I wish you peace and happiness
And all the joy that Christmas brings.

© Linda J. Vaughan

November 2004