This is for the men and women
Who will be far away,
Who stand in fields of battle
And celebrate Christmas Day.
Their hearts are sad and lonely
And if wishes could come true
They would be home for Christmas
To celebrate with you.

They serve their Country well,
And in God they put their trust,
While we have trees and tinsel,
They have sand and dust.
In their minds they picture you
Doing traditional things,
They send their love to you ~
It comes on Angel wings.

It matters not whether we agree
With the reasons for a war,
The fact is this Christmas time,
They are far away once more.
Oh how nice to welcome them
If they could knock on our door,
I know we would make a promise
To love them even more.

Every Soldierís Mother
Is wishing for the same,
The hopes, the dreams and fears,
The only difference is the name.
The Soldierís children play,
And every son and daughter
Just wishes this Christmas Day
They could hear familiar laughter.

The husbands and the wives
Who wait and try to smile,
Know the pain of loneliness
As they travel on each mile.
So to each of you I send my love,
And with my heartís yearning ~
Until you come home to us
This candle will be burning.

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 2006