I remember the school Nativity Play
And the angels with crumpled wings,
I remember the restless shepherds
And the warmth remembering brings.

I see now the Three Wise Men,
With gifts to bring to the child,
I remember the sweet Mother Mary,
Oh so tender and mild.

In memory once again I see
The donkey and also the sheep,
I recall Joseph reminding others
To “Hush, cause the baby is asleep”

I hear again the sweet singing
The out of tune little voices,
I see the little ones kneel
And once more my heart rejoices.

The earnest little faces,
Who once more the story tell,
About “no room at the inn”
I recall it very well.

Go back in memory and recall
Childhood’s sweetest days,
Remember the little ones
And their special winning ways.

See now your grown up children
With children who claim their heart
Retelling again the story
As it was at the very start.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 10th. 2006

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