Be my Christmas Angel
Bring comfort to my heart,
Let me share your Christmas joy
As you did from the very start.

You have always loved this season
With its tinsel and twinkling stars,
Bright lights and special music
Baby dolls and racing cars.

You love the hustle and bustle
And the crowds that gather round
You love the tinkling Christmas bells
And every Christmas sound.

The rustle of Christmas paper,
The cards that arrive in the mail,
The rush to buy the right gift
When you see that it's on sale.

You are kind and generous
And Christmas brings you pleasure,
It is your favourite time of year
Bringing joy you cannot measure.

Late nights and celebrations
Special music and special friends,
You are my Christmas Angel
And you bring joy that never ends.

Linda J. Vaughan

October 26th. 2008

For my Daughter Naomi.


Christmas 2008
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