Dear Friend, Itís me again
And it's that time of year
When we want to make things right
For those we hold most dear.
Itís HO HO HO and tinsel time,
With childrenís eyes so bright
Itís remembering shepherds and stars
And that very first Christmas night.

Itís looking back and reflecting
On a year that has simply flown.
It is reassessing many things
And seeing how weíve grown.
The friendships made and nurtured
And the sharing of some pain.
It is somehow simply knowing
Things will never be the same again.

A busy year is what itís been
And in Australia itís summer once more
While for those in different climes
You move the snow from your door.
We cook and work and try so hard
To do simply our very best,
Life is not easy and often
It puts us to the test.

Itís been a year of learning too
Accepting things that canít be changed,
Sharing anotherís agony and pain
Wishing things could be rearranged.
A year of quiet supporting
When there was nothing else to do
But to make a phone call
And remember to say ďI love you ď

My gifts for you this Christmas season
Are health and joy and peace,
Friends and love and laughter ~
A calm and sweet release.
These canít be wrapped in paper
So I will wrap them in my love
Iíll sprinkle them with kindness
And Heavenís very special love.

So once more we stand united
To farewell a year thatís done.
We stand together at New Yearís door
And gather strength to go on.
So at this time I wish for you
And all those that you love
Peace and Joy and Happiness
Contentment from above.

© Linda J. Vaughan

Christmas 2006