“My Christmas Gifts For You”

Once again its days of paper
And ribbons of every hue.
There are some things that I can’t wrap~
And these are my gifts for you.

Patience with a loved one
Who tells the same story again and again.
Just the calm to sit and listen
To take away some pain.

Tolerance with those whose opinions differ
And contradict our own.
The ability to accept these things~
To see how much we’ve grown.

Acceptance of days that are not the way we wish,
Understanding that some things cannot be.
Learning to live with these constraints,
Learning to find the real “me”

Love – so many ways I want this gift for you
The childlike love of flowers in a chubby hand.
The love of children, friends, family and
One special one who says “I understand.”

Peace – calm and easy carefree days
For you and for your world.
Days in the sun and for you to see
Freedom’s glorious flag unfurled.

Friendship is a special gift
That binds two hearts as one.
The quiet harmonious times that come
To us when day is done.

So these gifts I bring to you~
I offer them with love.
They are wrapped in Heaven’s special care
Truly a gift from above.

Linda J. Vaughan
© 15th.December 2001


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