I walked the rooms of this house~
Empty and forlorn,
I have been here so very often
At night and in the morn.

Memory stirs my very soul
And fear beats in my breast,
To walk again these very rooms
Puts me to the test.

I feel the sorrow quite intense
It takes every fibre of my being.
I see again his frailty ~
His loss of dignity I am seeing.

He was the dominant parent
His strength kept us together.
With him by my side
I felt the storm I could weather.

Was it only days ago he lived here
And we talked and shared our hearts?
It all seems so surreal Ė
That we have had to part.

Now visiting these empty rooms
I yearn for days gone by.
The rooms are cold and empty
And I ask the question why?

I know that he was ill
But I didnít want to part.
Joyful times in memory
Still live in my heart.

He was my Father, my Mentor,
My Friend and my guide,
I walk through these empty rooms
And remember him with pride.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006