There are times in my life when I wonder how I fit in so many things – I am older now and the days are supposed to be slower and easier, but it isn’t happening that way for me.  And why – tell me why does everything happen at the one time?

Here we are in the middle of June, winter winds are blowing and at times there is rain and after weeks of quiet weekends this weekend I have two celebrations to attend, in fact I would miss neither.

I have the jitters about fitting both functions in on the one day and five hundred miles apart – I hate it when I have to rush, but this day I have to rush.

This is going to be a day of extremes – such a deep sadness and then a celebration of a beautiful love where I see stars in the eyes of a young lady I love.  First things first -  today I will farewell a cherished and much loved friend who has taken his final journey and of course I want to be there to wish him fair seas and clear skies as he sails away.   His passing is going to leave a huge hole in my life, but I know too that a man with such romance in his soul would want me to attend such a celebration of love and life.

So I shall attend this funeral all dressed and ready to rush on to the Airport.  I shall take my car and leave it in the long term car park ready for when I come home.  Getting a taxi at the end of my flight should not be a problem and with some angels to smile down on me and some green lights, hopefully I will be there to be part of the entire ceremony which is such a special time for this young couple.

It will be a time of mixed emotions, sadness and joy.   Flowers and tears – a union and a parting.  A day where time alone for thought will be a little scarce for me, but I shall have that hour on the flight to change my mood from contemplation to anticipation.

I shall listen to the words which will be spoken often and I shall consider the meaning of these words – love with all the special times it brings and the cherished moments, then the pain which comes when it is time to part.

Death and loss are the price we pay for loving and I shall stay overnight and return home a little wiser for having shared a day of bitter/sweet memories which will be etched in my heart always.

It really is strange that two people I love will start out on a very different journey on the same day and I shall be blessed to be part of the celebration of both.


© Linda J. Vaughan

September 2007