A handsome man with velvet voice
Who's got better as he's aged,
I could listen to him for ever,
No matter in film or on stage.

It somehow got me thinking
About the things we say,
The way we use our voices
As we travel through our day.

Do we leave the memory
Of a sweet and tender word,
The warmth and care of friendship
To show how much we cared.

Or are we sometimes bitter,
No velvet in our voice,
We can hurt or heal another,
It really is our choice.

Does laughter ring from your lips
And your voice a smile bring,
Do your caring and kind words
Make another sing ?

Or are you words harsh and bitter,
No sweet and tinkling bell?
It can sometimes be a habit
That we adopt so well.

Try to use a velvet voice
And some little comfort bring,
To those whose life is difficult,
Who's heart can no longer sing.

A gentle word, a kindly deed,
A smile behind your eyes,
May sometimes bring the sunshine
And clear away grey skies.

A velvet voice can soothe the soul
And ease and comfort bring
The gentle reassurance
That some day again they'll sing.

Linda J. Vaughan
30th. August 2008

Music on this page - The theme from Dragonheart

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Made with love and dedicated to my special friend Linda -
who could listen to Sir Sean's velvety voice all night! *s*