Sitting by a fireside I am a child once more,
My family surrounding me,
I hear the voices so familiar
And feel loving arms embrace me.

I wander down the memory path
And see the embers glow,
I see the smoke tendrils rising
The flames darting to and fro.

I sit on the floor at my Fatherís feet
As he watches his Motherís face,
The fireside glow stirs memories
Which nothing can erase.

A cat is purring by my side
His fur all soft and warm,
Sitting by this fireside
I feel safe from harm.

A cup of tea for Granddad,
Hot chocolate for me,
A windy Sunday afternoon
With griddle scones for tea.

We gaze into the flames
To find the pictures there
Our faces warm and glowing
Such stories there to share.

Sitting by a fireside, I am no longer a child,
My life has come and things have changed
I am now the adult here
Things have been rearranged.

© Linda J. Vaughan
25th. June 2008


Music on this page is

"From Where I Am"

by Enya

from the Album In Memory of Trees