'Tis the day after Christmas
And everyone’s tired
The Kids are all cranky
And exceptionally wired.

The fridge is so full
Of left over food,
No need to cook for a while
And that’s sounding good.]

We wonder why we do it
But in our hearts we know
Making memories for our children
That they can nurse and grow.

I have thought of you so often
And wondered about your day,
Did it snow for you
And did Santa drive his sleigh?

Did you have great excitement
And were elves part of the scene?
I am sure there are special memories
And that you know just what I mean.

Was there wrapping paper and ribbons
Spread over a room you had cleaned,
Where their squeals of delight
With gifts for which they had dreamed.

Did little eyes shine brightly
And would sleep not come for some,
Where you proud to work with daughters
And spend time with a precious son.

Does the spirit of Christmas live in the heart
Of a precious child you bore
Did you enjoy working together?
And hope for many more.

Please remember you were Santa’s helper
And brought joy to many a heart,
Celebrate the Christmas Seasons
Be glad to be a part.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 26th. 2008



Christmas 2004
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