Christopher Raymond

24th. March 11th. July 1986

This would have been your birthday
And you would be twenty one,
This wasnt meant to be,
Far too soon you were gone.
I had so many plans for you,
But we hardly got to start
And now you live forever
In a corner of my heart.

I have often sat and wondered
About the man you would have been,
The School days and the teen years
And all the days between.
I wonder how you would have looked
And would your voice be deep?
I have this special photograph
And the sweetest memories to keep.

You are with me in the morning
When the dew is fresh and sweet,
I sense you in the bird songs
And the flowers at my feet.
You are with me in the quiet hours
When I cant seem to sleep,
You are with me when sadness comes
And you tell me not to weep.

So on this special birthday
I sit and quietly smile
Id like to wish you Happy Birthday
And talk with you a while.
To cook your favourite dinner
And spend some time with you,
But you are always with me
In everything I do.

Linda J. Vaughan

March 2007