It is the winter solstice~
The shortest day of the year
And this serves to remind me
That spring will soon be here.
I love these winter days
With hail and wind and rain.
I am always grateful
When these days come round again.

I love the silver greyness ~
The bead curtains of welcome rain.
I love to sit and watch the raindrops
As they run down my windowpane.
I love the winter trees
All stark and bare of leaves.
I love a winter seaside walk ~
The ocean as she heaves.

I love the winter cooking smells
Of soups and stew and bread.
I love to hear the winter noises
As I lie in my bed.
I love a winter evening
And the firesides gentle glow.
I see my life pass before me
As the seasons come and go.

I love the frosty mornings
And the river as she speeds
The little ducklings playing
And hiding in the reeds.
I love this winter season
Which all too soon will end ~
Winter is my companion
And I am glad to call her friend!

Linda J. Vaughan

2lst. June 2003

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