Bring me the sunset in a cup
And let it overflow.
Bring me the sweetest of days
That I will ever know.

Bring me love in your eyes
And kindness in your smile.
Let me feel you walk beside me
Every step of every mile.

Let me hear your laughter
And feel your tender touch.
Let me hear the words you say ~
That you love me very much.

Bring me the dewdrop from the rose,
Bring me the tears from your eyes.
Let me hold you closely
Under clear blue open skies.

Bring me a newborn baby
And place it in my arms.
Let me love and cherish it
And keep it safe from harm.

Bring me memories of days gone by
When love itself would grow
Bring me sunset in a cup
And let it overflow.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 24th. 2004

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