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The Things That Inspire Me

The things that inspire me
As I go from day to day,
Often go unobserved
By others on the way.

The parents of a sick child
Who struggle and yet go on,
Wanting only what is best
For their daughter or their son.

The children who are caring
For aging parents who are ill,
Who now depend on them
Their empty lives to fill.

Those who work with Street Kids
Who join them in the gutter,
Listening to their story
And not a complaint do they utter.

The twenty four hour Carer
For whom there is no respite,
No rest for them from weary chores
Yet they go on with the fight.

Those who feed the hungry,
Who also clothe and feed
The victims of a violence
Which leaves such great need.

Those who nurse the sick
With a tender gentle touch,
Knowing that kind and caring hands
Matter very much.

Sunrises and sunsets inspire me,
As do majestic mountain views,
The river as she rushes by,
Flowers in pinks and blues.

But it is the people who inspire me
With their courage and their strength.
The fact that when challenged
They will go to any length.

They often put their lives on hold
To cherish and to care.
They live in ordinary houses
In cities everywhere.

They are ordinary people
Showing extraordinary care,
With a quiet sense of dignity ~
We see them everywhere.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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