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I was thinking of days gone by
When little boys climbed trees,
Tore their pants, filled their pockets,
And often skinned their knees.

How they were the Kings in a Castle
With dragons to chase and slay,
And how they’d fish in ponds
And collect frogs every day.

A rope swing over the river
When days were long and warm,
Coming home for dinner,
To a place that was safe and warm.

Little girls in dress up clothes
With flowers in their hair,
Discussing their dolls and problems,
And rocking their “babies” with care.

Fairy Queens and Princesses
With fairy wings and wands,
Looking at their reflections
In cool still garden ponds.

Making perfume from rose petals,
And baking lots of mud pies,
Coming home at end of day
With the light of sleep in their eyes.

The world has changed for everyone
And parents find it hard
To let their children play outside
In the safety of their back yard.

Love the children of the world
Encourage them to grow,
To live and learn in safety
To be the best we know.

Store away the memories
Of childhood trust and love,
Keep them close in heart and thought
And bless them with your love.

© Linda J. Vaughan

1st, May 2007

Art Credit: Enchanted Images
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