For a precious boy

Lucas Michael Adams

Precious boy how much you were loved,
You tried so hard to stay,
Now all we can do is wish you well
And angels to guide your way.

You struggled each day and life was rough
But you put up such a fight.
You will be in our hearts and thoughts
Each day and every night.

We will think of you so often
And the things we had planned for you,
The love and dreams of parent hearts,
Which sadly will not come true.

We will think of you at birthday time
And wonder how things could have been,
We will walk into the future without you,
And remember our hopes and schemes.

Lucas you fought so long and hard _
You were a determined little man,
We will remember all those things
And go on the best we can.

We will remember you at Christmas time
As the presents are under the tree,
How much we would love to watch you there
Or to have you sit on our knee.

We will think of you always at school time
And wonder what you would have learned,
We hope you know we loved you
And how much our hearts yearned.

The time was right for you to go
You had given it your best try,
We will love and always miss you,
And wonder the reason why.

The stars in our sky will shine brighter
And our hearts will find release,
Knowing you live with the Angels,
Will bring our hearts sweet release.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 2008