Memories of John

Can it be two years have passed
Since we said “Goodbye”?
I think about you often
And tears mist my eye.

I think about the funny times
When we shared our hearts.
I wish it could have lasted forever
And that we didn’t have to part.

Few and far between were the days
When we didn’t chat,
And share our innermost secrets
How well I remember that.

I remember the late evenings
When hours we would spend
Sharing little confidences
I was glad to call you friend.

Your time had come,
Nothing could be done.
Your pain at last was over
Your battle finally won.

I floundered for many months
As I missed your gentle heart,
You gave me love and friendship
Right from the very start.

You seemed to understand me
And accept me right away,
Your kindness and care
Brought such joy to my day.

Dearest John – I miss you
And I always will,
You calmed my anxious thoughts
And made my heart be still.

You laughed with me in sunshine
And cried with me in rain,
You knew me very well
And understood my pain.

Memories of you will always stay
Close in my heart and mind,
You were a very special friend
The best a girl could find.

Rest Easy John.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 2007


Music on this page is "Time to Say Goodbye"

This set is chosen for John who loved romance, candles, roses and

was often seen with a wineglass in his hand.


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