You close your door and just pretend
It isn't  happening to you
But when I look at you I see
That this just isn't true.
You try to smile and not admit
You try to hide your tears,
But looking into your eyes
I see the depth of your fears.

Your make up is deep and acts as your mask;
To cover your bruises you pull down your sleeve.
You know that you cannot go on like this
And that someday you know you will leave.
You tell me you love him and he's not really bad
That he just gets angry and frustrated
You don't want me to think badly of him
And how upset you would be if he were hated.

Love shouldn't hurt but it often does
And there's no reason for abuse,
It's cold and its cruel and it violates
And there could never be an excuse.
Love is tender and gentle and supportive
Not a reason for beating and bruising
There is no excuse for the fear you feel
There should never be such abusing.

I see your bruising and broken teeth,
How you limp when you walk away,
It brings to me great sadness
That life for so many is this way.
Some of you stay because you aren't strong
And others have no where to go,
Please seek out the help you need
It is out there and you should know.

You try to not let your children see
The things you are made to endure.
It frightens them and they run and hide
And shudder in fear when there's more.
Take courage and don't let it continue
You are worth far more than this.
It often ends with beating and bruising
What started out with a kiss.

Love Shouldn't hurt.

© Linda J. Vaughan
October 2007




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