Love shouldn’t hurt,
But it isn’t that way,
For thousands of women
Who struggle each day.
The trust is shattered,
The pain so real
This is not the way
They were meant to feel.

What goes wrong
When trust is shattered?
Gone are the days
When love really mattered.
Abusive words hurled,
Survival now a priority,
Hiding the bruises
So no-one can see.

Self esteem and dignity gone
Struggling and striving
Each moment an anguish
Emphasis on surviving.
Take courage, stand tall
Reclaim your life.
Love shouldn’t hurt
Just because you’re his wife.

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 2006

The prompt for this poem came from the phrase

"Love Shouldn't Hurt"

but it often does hurt - I have never experienced this but I have seen the damage done and the anguish caused.

Domestic Violence occurs to both women and men.


Music with this page is "Love Hurts"  



Created and Dedicated with Love for all Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence