Come take a journey,travel with me ~
See Australia through my eyes,
See the red earth beneath your feet,
The open, clear and endless skies.
See the silver mist of ghost gums
The willows by the river,
The heat haze in the summer
As the leaves bend and quiver.

View a starry summer night,
The mountains in the mist.
The heavy autumn harvest
Of fruit sun kissed.
Stand beside the ocean
Feel the salt spray on your face,
See the ants busily working;
The spider webs of lace.

Watch the surf roll in
Against the white sands,
View the population
That has come from many lands.
See the children on the beach
The stately Harbour Bridge,
The pretty mountain flowers
Growing gently on the ridge.

View the azure blue waters
And the creatures playing there.
See the dolphins swim beside you
And the whales rise in the air.
Snakes and Sharks to be respected
This is their home too.
See our Kangaroos and Koalas ~
Flocks of colourful parrots too.

Come view the Opal mines
And see their greatest treasure,
See the yellow of the harvest
Feel the Farmerís pleasure.
The trucks on their journey
To Silos filled with grain,
The agony of drought
When Farmerís plead for rain.

Visit our Red Heart Centre
And view the desert at its best.
See the agony the weather causes
When it puts us to the test.
Remember the Pearl Divers
Along the coastline of this land,
See the majestic deep full harbours
So majestic and so grand.

Walk through our Cities and their streets
All so carefully planned,
Visit Museums and the Galleries,
See paintings by the Artistís hand.
View suburban homes and houses
Children at their schools,
See the new buildings rising ~
The Workman with his tools.

See the flowers and the trees,
Gums and Plane and Jarrah,
See Cities such as Melbourne
Beside the River Yarra.
View the snow upon the mountains,
Hear the cold wind blow.
Feel the heat of summer
And the north winds come and go.

See the grapes upon the vines
Soon to be picked for wine,
Enjoy the Restaurants and Bistros
In Adelaide Ė city of mine.
Feel welcome in this country
The one that I call home,
Know that I am happy here
And never want to roam.

View the heart of my land
Feel safe and stay a while,
Share thoughts and moods
As you travel every mile.
Feel the welcome and the warmth
Of friends who hold you dear.
Enjoy your journey through my land
And I shall hold you near.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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