They Call Me a Dreamer


The call me a dreamer ~
With a soul full of hope,
Without my dreams
How would I cope?

I dream of a world
Where children run free,
And happy my days
When they come home to me.

My dreams take me away
To a sweet peaceful world,
Where rivers run clear
And freedom's flag is unfurled.

In my dream there's a vision
Of crops that don't fail,
And fruit isn't damaged
By wind, frost and hail.

I dream of a world
Where strong winds do not blow
And gentle steady rain falls
So that our crops can grow.

I see a place where each has enough ~
A neighbour who's sharing.
Friends who will listen and help
And show they are caring.

Respect for the aged
In the world of my dreams.
Hope for a world
Where all's as it seems.

They call me a dreamer -
And I know that is true,
But without my dreams
What would I do ?

Linda J. Vaughan

October 2008