A picture hanging on the wall,
Posed for and captured well,
Who you are and what do you feel?
Only you can ever tell.

I look at the image and what do I see
Clear velvet skin and a look of surprise
A hint of a smile and hair neat and trim
What is it that is hiding behind those dark eyes?

What are you thinking and what crosses your mind?
As the camera captures your beauty
Is it the one who holds your heart
Or is it a sense of your duty.

Is your heart racing at romantic thoughts?
Your eyes are warm and your skin is glowing
I wish you could tell me the secret you hold
But it is just yours for the knowing.

The years will come and the years will go
And your image is frozen forever,
Behind the glass and in the frame
Will I know your secret? No never.

Tendrils of hair on alabaster skin,
Such beauty to behold,
Your smile will always hold its sway
And never ever grow cold.

Jewels at your neck - where they a gift?
A token of love from the heart,
From a very special man who promised you
That you would never part.

Beautiful lady your face brings me joy,
I am glad your picture graces my walls,
It brings me a presence of love and romance
Forever you'll live in these halls.

©Linda J. Vaughan
2nd.March 2008