Welcome to the Fairy Ring
Where joy and magic abound,
Where lots of little Fairy Folk
Can very often be found.

They spend such happy times here
And skip and laugh and sing,
Always there is dancing here
Around the Fairy Ring.

The colours are so beautiful
With a rainbow and a moonbeam,
And lots of dazzling little stars
Reflected in the stream.

Such happy little people
With special airs and graces,
And always beaming smiles
Upon their lovely faces.

They have a special party
Well into the moonlight hours,
They touch the coloured leaves,
And gently smell the flowers.

Even fairy folk grow tired
And need to get to bed,
With visions of such magic
Dancing in their head.

So when the dancing is all done
They gently slip away,
On a boat of pretty petals
Out on a gossamer bay.

They drift along beside the stars,
Guided by the moon,
But we shouldn’t worry
Cause they will be back soon.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2007

The Pages of Avalon

Art: Philip Straud