Written for a special lady

Dare to dream
Believe your heart
Let it grow within
Let it be the start.

Dare to dream
Your life has changed
So many things different
All rearranged.

Your life holds memories
And special beauty.
To your children
A blessed duty.

Times have changed
The years have flown
Some of your children
With those of their own.

Soon the time will come
When it will be said
Why is this my pathway
And where has it led?

School days will come
And you will have time
You will wonder the reason
The plan and the rhyme.

Dare to dream
And follow that dream
You will know your heart
And what this must mean.

The pattern will change
And you will soon know
The journey you must take
The seeds you must sow.

There are adventures to take
And lessons to learn
Dare to dream
For the things that you yearn.

Put into place structures
To make things right.
Learn and research
Focus your sight.

Dare to dream
And let that dream grow
Be the person you are
The one that you know.

Stand tall and be brave
And maintain your love
May heaven bless you
With strength from above.

We will support you
Whatever you do
Dare to dream
And let it be you.

Linda J. Vaughan
17th. April 2006


This page was written for a special lady - she knows who she is.

Music on this page is The Impossible Dream

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