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I have felt the touch of angel wings,
Heard angel whispers in my ear.
I have felt the comfort of a presence
To take away my fear.

I have seen a sunrise
Through eyes other than my own.
I have felt companionship
And friendships that have grown.

I have sat in quiet company,
Shared laughter and some tears.
I have bared my very soul ~
Had someone take away my fears.

I have kicked the autumn leaves,
Splashed through puddles deep
And there are many memories
Which are mine to keep.

I have walked the sandy shores
Of a quiet deserted beach.
I have seen Mother Nature’s glory
And the lessons she would teach.

I have struggled on through many days
And I have longed for more.
At times I have been quite lost~
Been the stranger on the shore

I have sailed through troubled waters
And I have said “Goodbye”.
I have often questioned
And don’t know the reason why.

I don’t need to hear the answer,
I don’t have to understand.
It is enough for me to know
That this is how it was planned.

If I will stop and listen
And hear the winds of time
I will very soon realise
What blessings now are mine.

© Linda J.Vaughan

15th. June 2003

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