Christmas time is here again
And life is busy once more.
Life is changing all the time
And Christmas knocks at our door.

There are many faces of Christmas
And they can be sad or sweet,
There are many happy memories
Of the friends that we often meet.

There are those who smile and enjoy it all
And for them it is a special time,
And others who go through the motions,
Not feeling the reason or rhyme.

There are those for whom this Christmas time
Will hold only misery and pain,
Those who wish that they could go back
And enjoy different days again.

Their lives are changed and now alone
They struggle to go on,
Trying to remember other Christmases
When they felt a battle was won.

A Mother who had hoped to share
This very first Christmas season,
Now goes on alone and struggles,
Aching to know the reason.

A family now made complete
With a child to share their day
To make their lives have purpose
Not only on Christmas Day.

As we all reflect on the year that's been
And the things we have said and done,
We smile and show another face,
And rest at the setting sun.

At the end of the year we are tired
And weary from the work we have done,
Let's hope that we are at peace with ourselves
And can rest with a job well done.

The many faces of Christmas
Bring special times to my soul,
I love it all and I cherish the days
When this makes me feel quite whole.

So look at The Faces of Christmas
And celebrate in style
It will help you on your journey
As you travel each weary mile.

Linda J. Vaughan
25th. October 2008

12 October 2008
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