The days are getting longer
And spring is in the air,
Time for Fairies to play
And to dance without a care.

They spread their wings of gossamer
And sprinkle petals from above,
They bless your days with happiness,
With kindness and with love.

Tiny snowdrops, golden daffodils,
The world awakes from sleep,
And Fairies in the garden
Their promise always keep.

Fairy dust is sprinkled
And perfume fills the air,
Listen very carefully
And you will hear them there.

Singing out their great joy
That winter now has passed,
The Fairies in the garden
Bring joys to last and last.

Pretty springtime colours
As they make their springtime clothes,
Fashioning them from flowers,
Like crocus, lilacs and the rose.

So when your heart is touched with joy
Please know that Fairies were there,
Helping spread the springtime beauty
And showing you their care.

Fairy Mists of Avalon

March 2008